Truffled sheep’s Cheese | 200gr

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Traditional cheese with black truffle, the perfect balance. The delicate truffle flavour will delight your taste buds; this innovative cheese has many subtleties that are not to be missed. An ideal compliment to our hams, shoulders and cold meats.

Perfect for tapas or simply cut pieces to enjoy, try one of our 200gr blocks today!

Cured for 10-12 months.

Here at Don Cala, we understand perfectly that the ideal complement for a generous plate of ham, shoulder or cold meats, is of course, our cured cheese. That’s why we offer you a very special selection of Spanish cheeses designed to scintillate your palate. Produced on traditional Spanish farmsteads, our selection encompasses many years of experience from our most trusted small producers.


Ciudad Real

Curing time

10-12 months


1x200gr piece


Pasteurised sheep’s milk, 3% min truffle paté (65% Mushrooms (AgaricusBispora), Sunflower oil, 10% (BoletusEdulis and related categories), 8% black truffle (TuberAestivumVitt.), salt, pepper, parsley, (aroma of truffle and garlic), salt, stablisers: Calcium chloride, rennet, lactic ferments and preservatives: Lysozyme (contains egg).


Keep from 6 to 8ºC colling conditions and consume at room temperature.

Not an edible bark.


Eggs and egg based products.

Milk and milk based products (Does not include lactose).)


1710 KJ / 413 Kcal


35,5 g

          of which satured fat

24,6 g


< 0,5 g

          of which sugar

< 0,5 g


23,2 g


2,10 g


4 Reviews

Très bon
Super bon, je recommande vivement pour les amateurs de truffe mais pas que !

Un queso exquisito con un sabor delicado de trufa / Un fromage e
Muy original y delicioso, este queso es un producto excellente que recommiendo para una experiencia gustativa única y intensa. // Original et délicieux, ce fromage est un excellent produit que je recommande pour une expérience gustative unique et intense.

Queso muy suave con aroma a trufa. Nos ha gustado mucho acompañado con vino tinto.

Muy bueno
Se asocia muy bien con el jamón. Muy buena compra y entrega rápida.

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