Chorizo Reserva | 450 - 500gr

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Amongst our vast variety of products, we have our very own special chorizo. A cured sausage made with pig meat, paprika and various spices that can be enjoyed at any time. We present to you our whole Reserva chorizo, from pigs reared naturally in areas of more than 10,000 m2 per animal. Rediscover the classic flavours of Spain with this piece which has been cured for 6-9 months

Slightly spicy, our chorizo will explode with flavour the second you bite into it. Weighs approximately 500gr.

GMO and gluten free.

Our selection of cold meats have been carefully prepared using only the finest resources, from the delicate artisan elaboration process in Guijuelo (Salamanca) to the ingredients that make the seasoning. Lomo (Pork loin), chorizo and salchichón (cured sausage): Don Cala’s wide range of culinary delights are based on 40 years of experience and family passion for Spanish cuisine.

Our chorizo is a cured sausage made with minced pork, paprika and a careful selection of natural spices. Its red-orange colour is indicative of its delicate flavour and pleasing aroma to stir the senses.


Our Reserva selection comes from pigs reared freely in a natural environment and fed with an exquisite diet based on grasses, cereal crops and cork oak acorns.

Upon cutting a good marbling is revealed and a delightful lustre (both in the lean and fat) which are all characteristics of its high quality. Its flavour is delightful, sweet and intense in equal measure. For all tastes.

Whole: Don Cala presents to you our cold meats packed in 500 gram vacuum packed sachets, in order to guarantee a delightful gourmet experience direct to your your table. Simply open the sachet of Don Calas finest cold meats and cut to your liking. Once tasted never forgotten.



Guijuelo, Spain




Feed, cereales and fruits of the cork and holm oaks

Curing time

6-9 months


Whole piece


Pig meat, salt, sugar, POWDER MILK, SOJA PROTEIN , antioxidants: E-331iii, E-325, E-300, spices and preservative: E-252


1. Keep under cooling conditions 7°C.
2. Remove the product from its packaging at least 24 hours before consumption.


It contains powder milk and soja protein



1346 KJ / 323 Kcal


23,1 g

          of which satured fat

9,6 g


1,9 g

          of which sugar

< 1 g


< 0.5 g


27 g




4 Reviews

Un vrai chorizo
Nous sommes très satisfaits. Ce chorizo ibérique correspond à ce que nous attendions.

Una sorpresa para bien. Sabor intenso y muy auténtico. Repetiremos seguro.

Très bon
Agréablement surpris par ce chorizo pas trop piquant mais avec beaucoup de goût !

Buena selección de chorizo. Producto de calidad. Transporte rápido.

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