Here at Don Cala, we cater to all professional sector requirements for resellers of hams, shoulders and cold meats of the highest quality.

Create the most exclusive showcase for your business with our whole hams

If you are interested in selling our ham on the bone, Don Cala can provide you with whole hams, ham holders and knifes to satisfy your most demanding customers.

Boneless ham, for easy machine cutting

For your gourmet business the best option maybe boneless ham. That's why, for optimal conservation our boneless pieces of ham or shoulder are vacuum-packed. Each piece comes cleaned and boned, thus guaranteeing maximum enjoyment of our hams or shoulders. Easy and quick to cut, you can manage the demands of your customers with ease. 

Sliced: gourmet products ready to sell

We present our freshly sliced hams and shoulders in 80 gr vacuum packed sachets. Both products are available across 4 ranges.

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