Ham Tradición | 7,5 - 8kg

VAT included

Tradición is Don Cala’s first selection, a spectacular ham that comes from pigs fed with grasses and fodder on extensive traditional farms. After a meticulous selection process, our whole hams are salted and cured for 26 months resulting in an intense flavour and smooth texture.

The entire piece weighs 8kg., perfect for leaving and going back to time after time but always with the delicate taste of freshly cut meat.

GMO and gluten free.

A Pata Negra Ham meticulously selected by our hams masters. Let yourself be seduced by the real Iberian ham and Cebo de Campo ham.

Hams are the most widely recognised part of the pig. They come from the two hind thighs of the pig which are bursting with meat. Each and every Don Cala ham is a unique piece straight from the natural curing cellars of Guijuelo (Salamanca). Its delicate and distinctive flavour surpasses even the most demanding expectations of Spanish cuisine.

Discover our 4 ranges of 100% home-made hams and delight those you love the most with the aroma of the best freshly cut ham in the world.


Our first selection comes from pigs that are reared in the finest pastures and nourished by the natural resources of an incomparable ecosystem. Curing times are: 26 months for ham and 18 months for the shoulder.

Whole Pieces: If you are already a ham expert and have all the necessary tools, then there is nothing better than one of our whole pieces to enjoy a freshly cut slice of ham or shoulder. A whole ham weighs around 8 kg compared to a shoulder which weighs around 5.5 kg.


Here at Don Cala, we want you to enjoy our Spanish artisan products in all their glory, that’s why we offer you various alternatives so you can choose which gastronomic experience suits you best.

Boneless: Here at Don Cala you can also buy our hams and shoulders already boned by our master craftsmen. A boneless ham weighs around 4.5 kg compared to a boneless shoulder which is around 2.5 kg. You simply slice it to whichever thickness you prefer and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Sliced: Our sliced hams and shoulders come in vacuum packed sachets and weigh 80 grams. The perfect amount to eat before it can begin to dry out. Simply open and serve, to enjoy the unique, fresh and exquisite taste of Guijuelo directly to your table.


Guijuelo, Spain




Feed and cereales

Curing time

26 months


Whole piece


Pork ham, sea salt and conservatives (E- 250, E-252)

Guidelines for storing and consumption

1. Store the product in a cool and dry place and keep out of direct sunlight.

2. Once cut, consume your product within 21 days (or within 16 days in the summertime).

3. Hang the product or store it in a ham holder.



1449,51 Kj/348,32 Kcal


24,68 g

          of which satured fat

9,50 g


0.54 g

          of which sugar

0.30 g


31.01 g


5.08 g

4 Reviews

Un 10
Es una garantía de jamón exquisito. De esos q tienen un punto dulce, están jugosos y se deshacen en la boca

Buena relación calidad precio
Un muy buen jamón aunque la próxima vez probaremos otra gama.

Muy bueno jamón ! Ideal al aperitivo : rico y sabroso

Very good.

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