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Ham Pack Sensación | 5 sachets de 125 gr.

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Ham from our Sensación range also comes in 80 gram sachets. Stir your senses from slice to slice, experiencing the smell and taste of a freshly cut ham for days to come. Reared in total freedom in the region of Salamanca, the ham of these pigs is sweet and soft and leaves an intense taste on the palate every time you try it.

Here at Don Cala, you can buy a sliced ham pack from our Sensación range with 5x125 gram sachets, vacuum packed. Perfect for leaving and going back to time after time but always with the delicate taste of freshly cut meat.

Cured for 26 months.   

GMO and gluten free.

Hams are the most widely recognised part of the pig. They come from the two hind thighs of the pig which are bursting with meat. Each and every Don Cala ham is a unique piece straight from the natural curing cellars of Guijuelo (Salamanca). Its delicate and distinctive flavour surpasses even the most demanding expectations of Spanish cuisine. Discover our 4 ranges of 100% home-made hams and delight those you love the most with the aroma of the best freshly cut ham in the world.

The preparation of our ham

Once the pig is reared during the acorn season on the finest pasture lands in Spain between Guijuelo and Ciudad Rodrigo the careful hand crafting of each piece begins. The key phases of preparation of our Don Cala hams are the salting, washing, natural drying and finally the curing in our Salamanca cellars.

The meticulous selection of each piece, family knowledge and curing time, are all essential elements to guarantee the best quality possible.

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