To get the most out of your ham, it is important to have a good ham holder and some good knives that allow you to cut it with ease and safety. Don Cala has selected a range of high quality accessories for you so that you can cut your ham and cold meats comfortably and safely.

All our accessories are designed and manufactured in Spain.


Ham holders and serving tongs


Here at Don Cala, we try our utmost to offer you the best products available. This also includes a range of essential accessories to intensify both the flavour and experience of our hand crafted hams.

When preparing your ham or shoulder, it is highly important to have the correct tools such as the right knife. Whether cutting slices or dicing cubes, our professional Arcos knives guarantee a totally safe and simple experience of cutting ham in your own home. Designed for everyday use but with a professional finish that guarantees a durable and rust-proof blade.

Ham stands are also essential. Here at Don Cala, we offer three different categories to meet your specific needs, thus ensuring an optimal and stable support of your piece in the safest and easiest manner. Why not serve the slices using our Arcos ergonomic tongs to enjoy the exquisite flavour of our hams either as an accompaniment to the main course or a tapa?

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