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Maintain a razor sharp edge always with this precious tool direct from Don Cala. Made of carbon rich stainless steel and adorned with diamonds, we present to you our Stainless Steel Diamond Sharpener. Its ergonomic handle that adapts to the hand ensures a good grip and reduced slippage.

This way, your knives will never wear out regardless of their use.


Arcos, Spain


Diamond coated Carbon Steel 280 mm




How to sharpen your knife

- Place the knife blade on the sharpener at an acute angle of (20°).

- The hand holding the sharpener should not move, while the other hand should lightly press the blade on to the sharpener and begin to slide the blade across it while maintaining the angle.

- Slide the blade repeatedly across the sharpener.

- Sharpen the other side of the blade by repeating the same movements, but this time using the other side of the sharpener.

- The best way is to alternate the passes of the knife on each side of the sharpener, so both sides of the blade meet evenly to form a symmetrical edge.

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Muy bien
Gran complemento para afilar el cuchiñlo jamonero.

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