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For a perfect tasting of our hams or shoulders, it is advisable to have a good ham holder and good knives that allow you to cut the piece easily and safely.

Don Cala presents to you the EXPERT accessory pack, including:

  • 1 Expert Ham Holder
  • 1 Forged Ham Knife
  • 1 Pair of Ham Serving tongs
  • 1 Knife Sharpener | THE DIAMOND

Our EXPERT accessory pack includes:

  • An Expert Ham Holder, designed to extract the meat from those hard to reach places while holding your ham firmly and safely. Discover the full potential of your ham or shoulder.
  • A Forged Ham Knife, its long and razor sharp edge is perfect for cutting the thinnest of slices from our hams and shoulders. With extraordinary strength, its stainless steel blade is resistant to corrosion and highly durable.
  • A Pair of Ham Serving Tongs: will allow you to transfer your slices of freshly cut ham or shoulder to the plate with delicacy and precision.
  • A Sharpener "The Diamond": Made of carbon steel and adorned with diamonds so that your knives are always kept razor sharp. With an ergonomic handle that adapts to the hand and ensures a good grip and reduced slippage.
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