Lomo Sensación - Sobre 80 gr

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Don't wait any longer and taste our sliced Lomo Sensación!

A typical Spanish cold-meat straight from Spain, the lomo is an exceptional piece from pigs raised outdoors with 100 m2 per animal and fed with cereals and wild herbs. The lomo is then seasoned with natural spices and cured during 6-9 months through natural drying in vaulted cellars in Salamanca (Spain). A family tradition.

Now available in sachet of 80 grams, sliced by our curing specialists.

Produced without GMO and gluten free.

Our selection of cold meats have been carefully prepared using only the finest resources, from the delicate artisan elaboration process in Guijuelo (Salamanca) to the ingredients that make the seasoning. Lomo (Pork loin), chorizo and salchichón (cured sausage): Don Cala’s wide range of culinary delights are based on 40 years of experience and family passion for Spanish cuisine.

Our pork loin comes from the dorsal muscle on the pig’s back. Practically fat-free, the flavours of our pork loins are intense and authentic. Seasoned with salt, paprika and natural spices, our exquisite pork loins provide a delicacy for the most sophisticated palates.

Cold meats


This comes from pigs that are not only reared in the finest pastures but are also free to roam and feed in an area of more than 100 m2 per animal. A more exclusive selection just for you.

Sliced: Our sliced lomo come in vacuum packed sachets and weigh 80 grams. The perfect amount to eat before it can begin to dry out. Simply open and serve, to enjoy the unique, fresh and exquisite taste of Guijuelo directly to your table. 


Here at Don Cala, we want you to enjoy our Spanish artisan products in all their glory, that’s why we offer you various alternatives so you can choose which gastronomic experience suits you best.

Whole: Don Cala presents to you our cold meats packed in 500 gram vacuum packed sachets, in order to guarantee a delightful gourmet experience direct to your your table. Simply open the sachet of Don Calas finest cold meats and cut to your liking. Once tasted never forgotten.


Guijuelo, Spain




Feed and cereales

Curing time

6-9 months




Pork loin, salt, paprika, spices, sugar, dextroose, antioxidants (E-300, E-331iii), conservatives (E- 250, E-252)


1. Keep under cooling conditions 7°C.
2. Remove the product from its packaging at least 24 hours before consumption.


376 KJ / 1566 Kcal


24 g

          of which satured fat

8 g


< 5 g

          of which sugar

< 1 g


< 0.7 g


39 g


1 g


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