Since 1978, several generations of the Becerro Marcos family from the Sierra de Salamanca, have endeavoured to select and produce the finest Spanish hams and charcuterie to satisfy the most demanding palates. Don Cala brings together the knowledge and experience of several generations of selected hand crafted product producers. Quality and craftsmanship are our values, and we strive to make our 100% authentic products internationally recognisable. 

Today, Eugenio Becerro and his wife Morgane Peten, are dedicated to maintaining the ancestral family success.

DON: Is a mark of our respect for the power of the breed and the noble genetics of Spain’s naturally raised organic pigs.

CALA: Refers to a needle like instrument made of wood or cow bone that allows the aroma of the ham to escape in order to determine its degree of quality.

By combining these two words “Don Cala” was born with the sole intention of conveying to you our commitment to excellence in the quality and taste of our hams and cold meats.


Guijuelo is located in the province of Salamanca (Spain). Sitting at an altitude of more than 1000 meters it has a cold, dry climate which makes the salting process quicker and the curing process slower. That’s how the unique taste of Don Cala’s hams are formed, sweet and succulent, yet less salty in comparison to other regions.


Our selection

Here at Don Cala, we have created a selection that easily adapts to any customer. Based on the breeding and feeding process of the pig, we offer four varieties so you can choose the product that suits you best, which we have named: TradiciónSensaciónReserva and Gran Reserva.


Our first selection comes from pigs that are reared in the finest pastures and nourished by the natural resources of an incomparable ecosystem. Curing times are: 26 months for ham and 18 months for the shoulder.


This comes from pigs that are not only reared in the finest pastures but are also free to roam and feed in an area of more than 100 m2 per animal. A more exclusive selection just for you. Curing times are: 26 months for ham and 20 months for the shoulder.


Our Reserva selection comes from pigs reared freely in a natural environment and fed with an exquisite diet based on grasses, cereal crops and cork oak acorns. Curing times are: 36 months for ham and 24 months for the shoulder.

Upon cutting an attractive cherry red colour is revealed with good marbling and a delightful lustre (both in the lean and fat) which are all characteristics of its high quality. Its flavour is delightful, sweet and intense in equal measure. For all tastes.


Gran Reserva

In our Gran Reserva selection, you will find the most exclusive hams that come from pure-bred pigs reared in total freedom and fed on cork oak acorns. Curing times are: 36 months for ham and 36 months for the shoulder.

Upon cutting an intense bright red colour is revealed. The bouquet is unmistakable, intense and intriguing. To excite and delight your senses. Limited production.


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