Coppa Sensación | 750 - 800gr

VAT included

The Coppa Don Cala is THE Spanish cold-meat to discover without further delay! Produced in Guijuelo (south-west of Spain), the coppa comes from the upper part of the pig spine and has a marbled appearance. After 6 months curing in vaulted cellars, this quality cold-meat will offer you an intense and melting taste in the mouth, quite similar to that of the Don Cala lomo.

Offered in a whole piece of 800 grams packed under vacuum, you will only have to taste it!


Gmo-free and gluten-free product.


To be consumed at room temperature.

Our selection of cold meats have been carefully prepared using only the finest resources, from the delicate artisan elaboration process in Guijuelo (Salamanca) to the ingredients that make the seasoning. Lomo (Pork loin), chorizo, coppa and salchichón (cured sausage): Don Cala’s wide range of culinary delights are based on 40 years of experience and family passion for Spanish cuisine.

Coppa is the part at the upper-level of the pig's spine. This piece is interspersed with intra- and intermuscular fat, which gives its marbled appearance, so characteristic of coppa. Seasoned with sea salt and species, you will discover a quality cold cut, with a pronounced taste, melting in the mouth.

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