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Don Cala Ham Shoulder Pack | 4 sachets

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Selection of Don Cala sliced ham shoulder.

The Don Cala Pack includes our 4 ranges of ham shoulders for a Spanish gourmet experience. In this pack, you get a sachet from each of our different ham shoulder ranges.  The perfect opportunity to try 4 different flavours, each one more intense than the other: Tradition, Sensation, Reserva and finally our excellent Gran Reserva range. Now you can enjoy the freshest cuts from our ham shoulder range whenever you like.

Cured for 18 to 36 months, depending on the range.

GMO and gluten free.

The ham shoulder is the front leg of the pig and contains slightly less meat than our hams. Considering they are smaller and weigh less the curing process is shorter. Salting while raw exaggerates the taste and its reddish tone highlights the exquisite flavours to come. From our selection, we present to you four different categories of ham shoulder: Tradición, Sensación, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

The preparation of our ham

Once the pig is reared during the acorn season on the finest pasture lands in Spain between Guijuelo and Ciudad Rodrigo the careful hand crafting of each piece begins. The key phases of preparation of our Don Cala hams are the salting, washing, natural drying and finally the curing in our Salamanca cellars.


Our first selection comes from pigs that are reared in the finest pastures and nourished by the natural resources of an incomparable ecosystem. Curing times are: 26 months for ham and 18 months for the shoulder.


This comes from pigs that are not only reared in the finest pastures but are also free to roam and feed in an area of more than 100 m2 per animal. A more exclusive selection just for you. Curing times are: 26 months for ham and 20 months for the shoulder.


Our Reserva selection comes from pigs reared freely in a natural environment and fed with an exquisite diet based on grasses, cereal crops and cork oak acorns. Curing times are: 36 months for ham and 24 months for the shoulder.

Upon cutting an attractive cherry red colour is revealed with good marbling and a delightful lustre (both in the lean and fat) which are all characteristics of its high quality. Its flavour is delightful, sweet and intense in equal measure. For all tastes.

Gran Reserva

In our Gran Reserva selection, you will find the most exclusive hams that come from pure-bred pigs reared in total freedom and fed on cork oak acorns. Curing times are: 36 months for ham and 36 months for the shoulder.


Loncheado: El jamón y la paleta loncheados vienen envasados al vacío en paquetes de 80 gramos de peso. Una cantidad perfecta para degustar el producto antes de que se pueda secar. Tan solo ha de preocuparse de abrir y servir, y disfrutar del sabor fresco y exquisito único de Guijuelo directo en su mesa.


En Don Cala queremos que disfrute del producto artesanal español en todo su esplendor y es por eso que le ofrecemos diversas alternativas para disfrutar de esta experiencia gastronómica:

Entero: Si ya es usted un experto del jamón y dispone de los utensilios necesarios, nada mejor que la pieza entera para disfrutar del corte fresco del jamón o la paleta. Un jamón entero pesa unos 8 kg mientras que una paleta pesa aproximadamente 5,5 kg.

Deshuesado: En Don Cala también le ofrecemos el producto deshuesado por nuestros expertos maestros jamoneros. El jamón deshuesado pesa 4,5 kg aproximadamente, y la paleta deshuesada unos 2,5 kg. Usted tan solo ha de lonchearlo en su casa, para obtener el grosor que usted desee y disfrutarlo en un entorno cómodo.


Guijuelo, Spain


80g vacuum packed sachets


Pork ham shoulder, sea salt and conservatives (E- 250, E-252)


It is recommended to keep the product in cooling conditions between 0 – 5°C.

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Nos han encantado. Sobretodo muy buena la paleta Gran Reserva.

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